How long does it take to register? ^top

Registration is a fast process. Make sure you enter all your details correctly on the signup form. Once done send us the form and your account will be created immediately if all details are correct.

Is it possible to change the currency of my account ? ^top

No, you need to decide which currency you want to work in during the sign up. Once your account is created the currency of your account is set and cannot be changed. If you have a EUR account and now want to pay in USD you will need to create a new account.

How does it work ? ^top

First register by filling out the application form. When signing up for the MyVoipTraffic service you shall ensure that the information provided is complete, up to date and completed truthfully.
After successful registering, please purchase credit via the myaccount. Setup your SIP device(s) for calls via the MyVoipTraffic network. It is possible to setup multiple SIP devices with one account. You can also save your IP to your account.

What is the dialling format for calls via the different MyVoipTraffic routes ? ^top

If you want to call Spain for example:

MyVoipTraffic EUR/USD Grey: 00001 34 12345678

MyVoipTraffic EUR/USD Standard: 00 34 12345678

MyVoipTraffic EUR/USD Premium: 00000 34 12345678

Do you offer special rates for large volumes ? ^top

No we don’t. We already offer you the best possible rates.

I'm not a customer yet, but I have a question which is not addressed in these FAQ's. How can I get in touch with MyVoipTraffic? ^top

In that case, you would have to create an account first. After you created an account, you can visit our customer service in the myaccount area and send us your question.

I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do ? ^top

Go to the home page, find the login section and click on 'Forgot password'.

How can I access my recent calls/CDR'S online ? ^top

Please login to your myaccount and choose the option 'recent calls'.
Please note that CDRs overview is updated on a daily basis.

I am a customer and I have a problem. How do I report this ? ^top

Please login to your my account and choose 'customer service'. There you can report your specific problem and we will look into it as soon as possible.

Can I use all 3 routes with 1 account ? ^top

Yes you can, each route has it's own dialling format.

What different routes do you offer ? ^top

We offer 3 different routes:

MyVoipTraffic Grey -> lowest possible rates, no guaranteed quality
MyVoipTraffic Standard -> low rates, good quality
MyVoipTraffic Premium -> slightly higher rates, very good quality

I have a question about another Dellmont label. ^top

Please ask your question directly on the concerned label website. Any question here not concerning MyVoipTraffic will be ignored.